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Criminal Defense | Karlsruhe (Germany)

If you currently are facing criminal charges or someone you care about is remanded in custody our team of criminal defense lawyers and attorneys at law takes care of this problem. Being charged criminally can be extremely serious in light of the potential consequences and penalties. To be represented by a competent counsel can prevent you from serious consequences and a permanent criminal record. The first step in developing a strong criminal defense strategy is to start immediately. We represent our clients in all criminal matters from misdemeanors to serious felonies including the following matters. The sooner we begin the investigation, the better your chance of defeating the case.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes include any crime in which the defendant threatens, attempts, or actually inflicts physical harm against people or against someone else's property. Common violent crimes include assault, domestic violence, robbery, manslaughter, homicide and murder. In such a case we employ a strong defense strategies to protect your rights.

Shoplifting and larency

Shoplifting, larency and burglary can result in fines, probation between 2 and 5 years or up to 10 years in jail. Especially in a minor shoplifting offense an early act of a defense lawyer can be worth it because the results of a shoplifting could have serious consequences for the convicted later in life.

Fraud and tax fraud

Our criminal defense attorneys represent you in regular fraud cases, in tax or vat fraud cases and in missing trader intra-community cases (MTIC). With our skilled attorneys at law and criminal defense lawyers our clients always have a competent partner at their side.

DWI/DUI Attorney

The driving under the influence (DWI) and driving while intoxicated (DUI) penalties in Germany can include revocation of license, fines and in certain cases jail time. If you or someone you care about has been arrested for DWI or DUI our defense lawyers will take care of your concern and intend to address your concerns.

Traffic violations

In cases of traffic violations (f. e. reckless driving, driving on a suspended or revoked license, speeding, etc.) we protect and enforce your rights as accused.

Sex crimes

In Germany exist several kinds of sex crimes you can be charged with. We defend your rights in case of sexual offense, child pornography, sexual act or contact, sexual abuse, etc.

In case of emergency

Do not make any statements, if you are contacted by any law enforcement agency, f. e. police (Polizei), prosecution (Staatsanwaltschaft), tax investigation (Steuerfahndung), customs (Zoll), customs investigation (Zollfahndung) or central customs office (Hauptzollamt). Everything else would bear the risk, to be used to build a case against you. Insist on contacting our team of criminal defense attorneys immediately. So always remind, that as accused you are NOT legally under a duty to make any statements at all being investigated for involvement in criminal activity or being accused of a crime.


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